The mission of the Pantomima Foundation is to integrate the community of artists and theorists, who want to cooperate in initiating artistic, academic and educational activities in mime and other forms of physical theatre.

Why this foundation?
Mime and other similar theatre forms are still not well known among the general public. It happens too often that the initiatives of individual artists, which have exceptional artistic values are scarcely noticed and are doomed to oblivion. The same goes for academic research done by theatre researchers who specialize in mime.

That is why in November 2011 in Wrocław, a group of enthusiasts, both practitioners and theorists of mime and other physical theatre forms decided to unite under the Pantomima Foundation to build bridges between theory and practice and to successfully support, initiate and document artistic, academic and educational activities about their passion – mime.

Our activities
Our activities are both about theory and practice.
As for practice, we would like to carry out activities which would support  the teaching done by mime actors and artistic development of novice mime actors. Our ambition is to create the space where a dialogue and exchange of experience between mime/physical theatre actors might be possible, both inPolandand abroad. Additionally,  we would like to implement educational programmes in physical theatre and body psychology aimed at children, teenagers and adults. We intend to meet these aims by organizing:
•  workshops
•  artistic initiatives
•  festivals and
•  educational programmes.                                                           

Our activities about theory aim at conducting and supporting  multidirectional activities  with regard to  researching, documenting and disseminating knowledge about mime, its rich history and tradition,  and other related theatre forms.  We also wish to explore and research psychology of the body, including issues connected with corporeality in the theatre. The methods we would like to employ are:
•  running  the Documentation Department of the Pantomima Foundation (and in the future creating the Archive of Mime Physical Theatre),
•  researching and disseminating,
•  publishing,
•  conducting educational activities (lectures, meetings with artists, classes about mime, etc)

Our plan is to gather, edit and catalogue materials on mime  and physical theatre and publish leaflets, books, art albums, audiovisual materials and translations. Thus we hope to create a comprehensive archive of mime and physical theatre.

We are open to  intercultural dialogue and to establishing cooperation with mime centres in Poland and abroad, and in the future we would like to do research in mime theatres and mime centres as well as to be host to other mime actors.

Stay in touch
We hope you will follow our activities on this site where we will publish articles, interviews with mime actors, include information about mime and physical theatre actors and theatres, and give coverage of our activities.

We would like to invite all institutions and individuals who are interested in cooperating with us to email us on  biuro@fundacjapantomima.pl

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